After years of putting everything else before my personal health, Dr. Mohan has helped me reclaim my health and fitness. Following Dr. Mohan’s advise, I am back to a healthy body weight. I have also gotten back into running and multi-sport competition after a 12 year break, including completing a half ironman triathlon.
— Tracey B.

Dr. Mohan has really helped me stay active, lower my blood pressure and positively engage in my community. Thank you Dr. Mohan!
— Tiffany C.

Dr. Mohan convinced me that I don’t have to give up running due to bad knees. I am excited that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle for for the rest of my life doing the activities that I love to do.
— Vaneita J.

This program not only energized me and jumpstarted a routine that I can continue for a lifetime, but it provided a powerful example to my young daughter and son of the importance of caring for yourself so that you may better care for others around you!
— Kira Q.

This program’s approach to living a healthy life is gentle and accessible. The weekly walk routines are supported by scientific research and experience. The best things about this program are that it’s affordable and doable for almost everyone. Walking alone can be meditative; boasting your mental / emotional health as well as yielding physical benefits. It’s a great way to have fun and to bond when practiced with family and friends. Committing to this program has helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. I’m meeting my fitness goals and enjoying the activity.
— Kamyra H.